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De Soto Press Release

Tri Events Announces Alliance with De Soto Sport Triathlon Company

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West Covina, CA (February 13, 2012) - Tri Events, Inc. the proud sponsor of the “Worlds Longest Running Triathlon Series” is pleased to announce its partnership with De Soto Sport Triathlon Company, one of the top brands worldwide of triathlon apparel, accessories, and wetsuits.

“We are fortunate to have one of the greatest names in the history of the sport in Emilio De Soto II and his company De Soto Sport Triathlon Company supporting our efforts. As we prepare to celebrate our 30th year in the sport Emilio was right there with us when our racing heritage began in 1983 at Bonelli Park in San Dimas” stated Carolyn Wolk, Race Director for Tri Events, Inc. “Most importantly the De Soto family is just that to us…family within a close tight knit community that we share in the multisport arena.”

According to Emilio De Soto II, De Soto Sport Owner and Founder, “Some of my fondest memories were times spent with the Fulton family.” De Soto went on to add “The Los Angeles Triathlon Championship Series was one of my regular stops when I first started racing and was and still is an integral event that helped shape the pro careers for many of the big names this sport has seen. We look forward to introducing our fine line of apparel, accessories, and wetsuits to the Tri Event participant.”

Company Profile

Tri Events Inc. is the proud sponsor of the “Worlds Oldest Triathlon Series.” Commencing operations in 1983 it is one of the longest operating and successful niche sports marketing companies in the industry. Its brands include the Los Angeles Triathlon Championship Series, celebrating its milestone (30th) Anniversary in 2012. Tri Events also offers a shorter fan favorite course titled the Los Angeles Tri-Express.

We conclude our season in the fall by hosting the Bonelli Olympic Distance (The BOD) and the ever popular Steamboat Triathlon. We pride ourselves as a "grass roots" organization and make it our goal to provide our customers, the athletes and sponsors, with a world class experience. We are honored to have many of the most recognized elite athletes in the sport year after year call "Bonelli" and the "LA Tri-Series" a regular stop in the annual circuit.

Media Relations:

Alex Soto (951) 217-7207



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